Adjustable Bag Rider – Victrix


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Adjustable Bag Rider – Victrix

Universal Rail Mounted ABR

The Universal Rail Mounted Adjustable Bag Rider – Victrix has been designed to mount directly to the lower picatinny rail with the supplied clamp and bolts. It provides the same functionality as the other ABRs with .950” of travel. Made in the USA from American 6061 Alum and finished with Class II Anodizing they are 12.6oz including the clamp and bolts. The ‘Bag Selection’ page goes over the lower rider which is .850” wide. The unit is 2.25” tall when closed. The unit is ordered with either standard dowels or hardened dowels for larger calibers or PRS use – see caliber restriction below.

  • The new ‘Quick adjustment / Coarse” thread option is available

Accuracy International -Length Of Pull (LOP) 
To maximize space behind the grip the longer dowel will either be in Front of the ABR or in-between the stock and recoil plate in the Back of the ABR – See below:
  • AIAX – LOP closed or 1 click out AIAX-Long-Front” dowel (closed it not recommended)

  • AIAX – LOP open 2 clicks (or more) “AIAX-Long-Back” dowel

  • AXMC – LOP closed or 1 click out AIAX-Long-Front” dowel (closed it not recommended)

  • AXMC – LOP open 2 clicks (or more) “AIAX-Long-Back” dowel

  • AXSR – LOP closed to the #6 “Long Front Dowel

  • AXSR – LOP =#7 or more “Long Back Dowel”

  • AT-X – may require a more vertical grip “Long Front Dowel”

  • SCAR 20S – requires the “Long Front dowel

  • HM1000x – Air rifle will require the “Long Front dowel

  • FN Ballista will require the “Long Front dowel

  • Unique Alpine TPG-3 – will require the “Long Front Dowel

  • M40A6-Please contact Long Shot Precision -using the Contact button below

  • Steyr SSG M1 – “Long Front dowel”

  • Victrix Challenge – you will need the picatinny rail from Victrix “Long Front Dowel”

  • KRG WHISKEY-3 – you will need the picatinny rail from KRG “Long Front Dowel”

  • Sako TRG M10 – either the “Long Back” or “Both Short” dowels depending on your LOP

  • AB Arms rear stock – “Long Front dowel

  • Daystate Alpha Wolf – requires ‘Both Short’ dowels

  • Both Short dowels – will mount below any surface as the pic rail is the highest part = .680” travel

Caliber Restrictions:

  • .338 and smaller calibers will use the Standard dowels

  • .33XC and larger need the Hardened Dowels

  • PRS needs Hardened Dowels

If you do not see your chassis listed, please use the Contact link and send a picture of the rear stock (from recoil plate to grip).


Long-Front, Long-Back, Both-Short, Coarse-Long-Front, Coarse-Long-Back, Coarse-Both-Short

Dowel Material

Standard, Hardened


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