Achmed Silencers


Silence will kill you!

Best all rounder silencer available on the market.

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Achmed Silencers

Achmed silencers are designed by Helber, tested and manufactured. Unique design reduces recoil and sound drastically and increased maintained target acquisition.
Achmed silencers are made from 7075 Aluminum, hard anodized and laser engraved. Closed units.
Lightweight, smaller in size then large market standards size silencers, for similar sound and recoil reduction.
Cost effective and easy to maintain. Our Achmed range is available for shipping throughout South Africa – contact us for more information and order online today!

The Advantages of Using a Rifle Silencer

The Pros:

  • Sound – having a silencer fitted safely allows the shooter and those around to fire the weapon without the need to wear hearing protection. This increases situational awareness while also reducing noise complaints caused by larger calibers.
  • Muzzle Blast – by reducing both the sound signature and visible flash, a silencer reduces overall ground signature. This can be extremely helpful when used in a military environment, whereby enemy are no longer able to locate the shooter by visible muzzle flash or sound.
  • Recoil – the silencers internal baffles help to greatly reduce felt recoil, in some cases by up to 50 percent. This allows for faster follow up shots, while also allowing the shooter to better observe his fall of shot on target, as there is far less disturbance to the sight picture.
  • Accuracy – the silencer promotes accuracy in a couple of ways. Firstly, the added weight reduces jump angle, which allows for a smaller point of impact shift when changing firing positions. Secondly, the reduction in felt recoil is beneficial to novice shooters who may otherwise suffer from flinching, which is an error in trigger control whereby the shooter involuntarily tenses his muscles to counter the felt recoil, and in doing so moves the position of the rifle just before the shot is released.

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