Adjustable Grip


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Adjustable Grip

The LSP Adjustable Grip (patent pending) allows the shooter to select the proper height insert to place the trigger finger properly and consistently on the trigger. This provides the benefit of restricting the trigger finger to only move with the proper mechanics. Simply remove the screw (#1 Phillips head) and the insert can be swapped or moved forward as some chassis have the trigger farther from the grip than others. The inserts are contoured to provide a natural thumb rest. The grip is provided with the hole for the ‘safety’ spring. 4 different height spacers are provided and a 1/4-28 x 7/8″ mounting bolt. (Some rifles have metric threads). Grips are currently available in black only.

The Precision Adjustable Grip is designed for use when the thumb is always over the trigger finger and additional clearance is needed between the front of the ABR to the back of the grip.

The AR Adjustable Grip is provided with shorter trigger finger spacers, allowing the trigger finger to reach the trigger if the thumb is behind the grip. Only one mounting position is provided for the AR grip.


  • Consistent finger placement
  • Faster follow-up shots
  • Proper mechanics during trigger pull
  • Thumb rest
  • Less interference with hand during recoil
  • Made in the USA

Always install the grip first before swapping the spacer as the nut will be retained once the grip is installed on the rifle.


LSP Grip Precision, LSP Grip Vertical


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