Bertram Brass


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Bertram Brass

Bertram Brass USA has grown into a major provider of brass for Ammunition manufacturers as well as the hand loader. Our brass is very sturdy and almost always performs equal to or better than our competitors. We keep our prices fair as we have low overhead and strive to deliver.

It is our goal to continue providing products you are familiar with as well as new calibers. There has been such a disruption in the industry with our competitors failing to manufacturer common calibers annually. We are here to fill those voids and have you switch to our brand for the future. Once you see, you will know how awesome we are!  Contact us for information on any caliber.

Some of the advantages of using brass casings include:

  • Reuse: You can refill and reuse brass casings repeatedly, unlike aluminum casings, which are single-use only. …
  • Soft metal has a lower failure rate: Brass is a relatively soft metal, which works in its favor when used as a casing. …
  • Doesn’t scratch: Another benefit of the softness of brass is that it’s less likely to scratch your firearm or otherwise mark or damage it.

Reusing brass casings helps to cut down on the cost of your ammo considerably.  It’s easy to spot an issue with a brass case because of the softness of the metal.


300 PRC, 6.5 PRC, 6.5 SAUM, 7mm SAUM, 6.5 SAUM(factory seconds), 577/450 MH, .470NE, .404 Jeff, .500 Jeff, .300 Sherwood, .458 Exp, 9.3 x 64 Bren, .500NE, .458 Ack, .450 Rigby, 9.3 x 62, .300 WSM, 7mm WSM, 7mm PRC, 338 WM, .303 British, .416 Rigby, .375 Cheytac, 10.75×68


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