Panoramic Hydraulic Gimbal Head


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Panoramic Hydraulic Gimbal Head

The Panoramic Hydraulic Gimbal Head is the newest head on the market.  It is a combination between a ball head and a hydraulic head.  It gives you the ideal spotting, bird watching, shooting and scouting platform. Contact us for more info.

  • 91mm high
  • Weigh 530g

Panoramic Hydraulic Gimbal Heads are ideal for controlling heavier equipment and ensuring stability.  Even when taking a video, your picture will be smooth.  It has adjustable angles for any type of adjustment.  It is slightly heavier than a normal ball head but offers so much more angles of adjustment.  The Gimbal Head has measurements on the adjustable parts for fine adjustments. Also, the tightening levers are user friendly.

Gimbal heads are not only oriented towards pro users in terms of their functionality, but also their price. These are sophisticated pieces of kit, especially if you opt for a premium one made out of a stronger but more expensive material like aluminium or carbon fiber, so you need to be prepared to pay more than you would for an average ball head.


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