BipodeXt Hunter Rifle Stabilizer


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BipodeXt Hunter Rifle Stabilizer

We are introducing the BipodeXt Hunter rifle stabilizer. BipodeXt, the most advanced, universal, innovative, and rapidly adopted rifle stabilizer, is now available for lightweight rifles.

While the Hunter delivers the same legendary benefits as its larger brothers, it brings a lighter-weight, compact, and better-priced solution.

Maximum rifle weight (excluding the weight of the bipod): 15 lbs./6.8 kgs.

The BipodeXt offers the shooter the chance to leverage all available exponents and increase their accuracy potential by as much as 70% in a lightweight, quick detachable piece of kit. By increasing the accuracy potential of your system, effectively you are increasing your ability to push your weapon system to ranges never before thought possible.

  • Lightweight
  • Rigid & Quick Detachable
  • Reduced POI Shift
  • Smoother Transitions
  • Faster Follow-Up Shots
  • Adaptability & Recoil Control

The Archimedes Lever behind the BipodeXt

The BipodeXt is ideated and designed based on the principles of The Archimedes Lever. The BipodeXt stabilizer is the fulcrum for your rifle. BipodeXt extends the resting position of your rifle to maximize your stability and minimize unintended movements.

While BipodeXt™ is not designed to move heavy objects, the lever/fulcrum axiom principle is still in effect. Using this principle of thought, the effect of force applied to one end of the lever directly translates to the effect of that force at the opposing end. The further out the bipod is placed the effect of movement at the toe of the rifle is drastically reduced at the muzzle.

BipodeXt uses the Lever/Fulcrum axiom but, to say it colloquially, it uses it the other way around.  BipodeXt takes the Moment of Force (the shooter’s unintended movements) at the short end of the proverbial Lever and moves the Fulcrum further into the long end of the Lever.

The result is that the shooter’s unintended movements down along the long end of the Lever are reduced. For our purposes, the “long end of the Lever” is that imaginary line going through the center of the barrel to the intended target.


Quick release attached/detach system available in PICATINNY and ARCA style rail systems attached to almost any rifle configuration. 

40mm mounting rings provide precision machined mounting surfaces for optimal retention. 

Quick adjustment lever for extension and retraction of extension tubes. 

3K carbon fiber extension tube: available in single or dual tube configurations depending on the amount of the desired extension. 

Sling stud mount for attaching Harris style bipods. 

Picatinny rail attachment. 

ARCA rail attachment.



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