Light Weight Tripod


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Light Weight Tripod


The Light Weight Tripod by Helber is made from Carbon Fibre. This is the most affordable tripod in SA.  Ideal for hunting, NRL Hunter, birdwatching, spotting, shooting and scouting platform. Contact us for more info.

  • Max Load 20kg.
  • Weight including Ball Head 1.86kg
  • Max height 1390mm
  • Ball Head max load 15kg

The tripod price includes the ball head.


Stability. Three legs are always more stable than two. Your spotting Scope or range finder shaking can completely ruin you having a clear view or accurate ranging ability (no matter how steady we think our hands are). A good tripod doesn’t shake.

Quality. A high-quality tripod ensures stability. Plus, you can always hang something heavy from the bottom to weigh it down even more. Enable mirror-lockup and use a remote to further guarantee zero movement. Even the slightest vibration can mess up your image, so a good, strong, sturdy tripod is the first step in getting sharp shots.

A must when shooting video. You definitely need a tripod for video shooting, unless you’re going for a gritty look or shooting documentary or reality TV style. But, for smooth panning and timelapses, for example, you need a tripod.

Goes extra low, extra high. Tripods can be adjusted to hold your device at different levels. They can get down super low to the ground so you don’t have to, and you can set them up high to get high-up shots.


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