Heavy Duty Tripod


High-end Carbon fiber – 8 times carbon layers, Interwoven carbon fiber, first-class technology

Low, medium and high legs angle for best of all scenarios in stability

Adjust from 570mm – 1560mm in height

3 angle adjustment

Gross weight of 3.95kg

Carry bag included

Max carry weight 100kg


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Heavy Duty Tripod

Heavy Duty Tripod – If you want the best tripod, it makes sense to look at the best carbon fiber tripods like the Helber heavy duty. Not only are they stronger and more stable than their aluminum counterparts, but they’re also more lightweight, making them easier to carry around. All this is great no matter what genre you’re working in, whether you’re trekking over landscapes, shooting sports in a stadium using it for spotting and shooting. Using it for PRS/NRL this is the most affordable tri pod on the South African market!


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