Adjustable Bag Rider – MDT


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Adjustable Bag Rider – MDT

Angle Mounted ABR

The Angle Mounted Adjustable Bag Rider (Patented) is designed to bolt directly to the bottom of the MDT stocks (and some Savage) with supplied bolts. There must be a mounting SLOT in the bottom. Two rider options are available – the V and ELR. The ELR base is .850” wide. The ‘Bag Selection’ page goes over the lower rider differences. This Patent Pending ABR provides rock solid stability, straight tracking and vertical adjustment like the other ABRs.

The ABRs are CNC machined from USA made 6061 Alum, Anodized Class II Black and weighs 12-14 oz. If you do not have an MDT rear stock this slot in the bottom the ABR will not fit. There are four mounting holes providing the options to cover stock variations – select the two mounting holes farthest from each other. A 5/32 hex wrench will be needed. The ABR has about .95” of travel for the short dowel and 1.48” for the long dowel. Older models’ stocks without the slot will need machining to mount the 1/4” bolts.

  • A new ‘Quick adjustment’ thread option is available- on the bottom of the ‘Select option’ drop down

Rear Stock List

If you do not see your rear stock listed below there are Two pics that show the measurements needed to verify if the stock will accept the long dowels. If you are unsure, please use the contact button and send picture of the rear stock.

  • ACC – Non-folding -Long Dowels

  • ACC – Folding stock- Short Dowels

  • ESS – Non-folding – Long – Dowels

  • ESS – Folding stock – Short Dowels

  • SRS – Skeleton Rifle Stock – Short Dowels

  • LSS-XL – Short Dowels

  • SRS-XF – Short Dowels

  • SCS-Lite – Long Dowels (The shorter tube length may require the Folding Stock Adapter to increase LOP- or a longer tube)

  • SCS – Long Dowels (The shorter tube length may require the Folding Stock Adapter to increase LOP- or a longer tube)

  • Savage Impulse Elite Precision – Long Dowels

  • Savage B22 & B17 – Long Dowels – Minor modifications are necessary as M-lok nuts and bolts will be required and the counter sinking of the heads on the bottom of the ABR will be required for a flush mount.

History of the Adjustable Bag Rider

Long Shot Precision LLC was formed in 2019 to bring the radical new designs of Dave Pobutkiewicz to the world of long-range shooting.

Dave has over twenty years of experience in fabrication and tool and die.  He has been hunting and shooting from a very young age.  His passion and focus drive him to perfection in all sports and hobbies of interest.

The world of long-range shooting had a glaring gap. Everyone knows that precision shooting requires significant stability. That usually means bulky bench rests and sleds that systematically take the shooter out of the process of shooting. Not satisfied with the status quo, Dave’s vision went in a whole new direction when he designed the patent pending Adjustable Bag Rider.

Dave’s goal was to create a vertical adjustment tool that was light weight.  At the same time a tool that could easily be installed with existing clamps and bolts to the Ruger Precision Rifle. He began working on a prototype that lacked some functionality but proved the ABR would work. The addition of linear bearings to the second prototype nailed the design. After two competitions he ranked Master. Dave is currently ranked High Master and has only used a bipod and an ABR in all competitions.

Caliber Restrictions:

  • .338 and smaller calibers will use the Standard Dowels

  • .33XC and larger need the Hardened Dowels

  • PRS needs Hardened Dowels


    “Which Option do I choose?”

    • Angle Mounted ABR top section is the same for all. Only the dowel & stud lengths are different. Or. Select the Option that matches your rear stock name

    “Which lower rider (ELR or V) do I choose?”

    • The ELR is .85” wide and .5” tall the V bottom fits a 2-stitch bag. The ‘Bag Selection’ page goes over the rider shapes in detail.

    • “Which DOWEL Material do I choose?”

    • .338 and smaller calibers will use the Standard Dowels

    • .33XC and larger needs the Hardened Dowels

Do NOT lower the rider past the dowels being level with the top of the ABR.

Rear weight will need to be modified to clear the bolt heads – a Dremel can be used

Please note that this product does not fit anything other than the MDT / Savage with a MOUNTING SLOT.

NonAffiliation Disclaimer. We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with the Modular Driven Technologies or Savage brands.


ACC-Folding-Short-ELR, ACC-Folding-Short-V, ACC-Non-Folding-Long-ELR, ACC-Non-Folding-Long-V, ESS-Folding-Short-ELR, ESS-Folding-Short-V, ESS-Non-Folding-Long-ELR, ESS-Non-Folding-Long-V, SCS-Long-ELR, SCS-Long-V, SRS-Short-ELR, SRS-Short-V, LSS-XL-Short-ELR, LSS-XL-Short-V, SCS-Lite-Long-ELR, SCS-Lite-Long-V, Savage-B22-Long-ELR, Savage-B22-Long-V, Coarse-Thread-Long-ELR, PRS3-Short-V, PRS3-Short-ELR

Dowel Material

Standard .338 and smaller calibers, Hardened .33XC and larger calibers


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