Adjustable Bag Rider – Tikka


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Adjustable Bag Rider – Tikka

Rail Mounted

Rail Mounted Adjustable Bag Rider – Tikka (Patented) designed to clamp to a lower picatinny rail. It provides the same superior functionality as the other ABRs. It ships with the Rail Clamp and 10-32 bolts (torque to 18 inch pounds -5/32” allen wrench). The ABR has about .95” of travel with the short dowel and 1.48” for the long dowel. As more rifles or rear stocks are identified as a direct bolt on application the list will be updated. Below are rifles and stocks that have a ‘Direct Bolt on Application’. Please use the “Contact Us” button if you have suggestions or questions. NOTE: RPRR minor Modifications are REQUIRED

Direct Bolt on Applications and Dowel lengths:

Tikka T3X TAC A1 (Short Dowels)

Christensen Modern Precision Rifle (Long Dowels-you must order the picatinny rail from Christensen Arms)

RAPS – FAB Defense Stock (Long Dowels)

GRS – WARG and Bifrost -Long Dowels (picatinny rail required)

Savage AXIX 2 (Short Dowels) requires the lower rail section to be attached

Daystate Delta Wolf (Short Dowels)

Gunnar PCP – Air rifle – (Short Dowels)

Ghost – Brocock Carbine – (Long Dowels)

Magpul MOE & CTR -(Long dowels) ‘AR Mounting bracket’ Required

Oryx chassis (Long Dowels) mount the M-lok pic rail available from the MDT site if a slot is on the bottom of your stock (If you don’t have a slot the ‘Flat Mount ABR’ can be mounted – if you drill and tap holes into the stock – contact us first – I’ll walk you thru it)

Modifications required:

Luth-AR – SEE PIC the stock has to be modified (Long Dowels)

Woox Cobra – Wooden Model –(Short Dowels) will require milling / drilling for clearance of front dowel

Target Tool (Short Dowels) Modifications are necessary –Vertical Grip required

Ruger Precision Rifle Rimfire (Short dowel) –Modifications Required see below 

(Drawing included in the below link- click on below)

Do NOT lower the rider past the dowels being level with the top of the ABR.

Please note that this product does not fit the Ruger Precision Rimfire Rifle without modification. It does not fit the Ruger Precision Rifle or Magnum.

Caliber restrictions:

  • .338 and smaller calibers can use the Standard dowels

  • .33XC and larger needs the Hardened dowels (Black Oxide Finish)

  • PRS needs Hardened Dowels (Black Oxide Finish)


“Which MODEL do I choose?”

  • Rail Mounted (RM) ABR top section is the same for all. Only the dowel & stud lengths are different.

“Which DOWELS do I choose?”

  • .338 and smaller calibers will use the Standard Dowels

  • .33XC and larger needs the Hardened Dowels

  • PRS needs Hardened Dowels


RM-Tikka-Short-SQR, RM-Tikka-Short-V, Christensen-Long-ELR, Christensen-Long-V, RAPS-Long-ELR, RAPS-Long-V, RPRR-Short-ELR, RPRR-Short-V, DeltaWolf-Short-ELR, DeltaWolf Short-V, GRS-Long-ELR, GRS-Long-V, ORYX-Long-ELR, ORYX-Long-V, AXIS2-Short-ELR, AXIS2-Short-V, Rail-Mounted-Short-ELR, Rail-Mounted-Short-V, Rail-Mounted-Long-ELR, Rail-Mounted-Long-V

Dowel Material

Standard Dowels, Hardened Dowels


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