Quick-Detachable Picatinny Scope Rings

Talley Quick-Detachable Picatinny Scope Rings are designed after our Signature Quick-Detachable Scope Rings, these rings are compatible with all MIL-STD-1913 spec Picatinny Rails. Talley Quick-Detachable Picatinniy Scope Rings are famous for precise tolerances. CNC automated equipment and stringent quality control have vaulted Talley products to the top of the scope ring Industry. Repeatability and flexibility go hand in hand with our Quick-Detachable Scope Rings. Repeatability allows you to remove and replace your scope with the confidence that it will return to zero. Flexibility allows you to carry more than one pre-sighted scope for your firearm, and also provides ease of removal for your scopes during the rough travel.

Height to center line of scope from rail:

30mm Rings: Low .890″ / Med .990″ / High 1.09″

1″ Rings: Low .800″ / Med .900″ / High 1.00″

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