Titan Rifle Bullets

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Titan Monolithic Rifle Bullets

The Titan Monolithic Hunting Rifle Bullets are intended for accurate shot placement and the maximum energy transfer after penetrating the intended target. Titan Monolithic Target Rifle Bullets is for target shooting only and not for hunting.


The Titan Monolithic Hunting Rifle Bullet has shown in tests that it penetrates +- 2 inches to achieve maximum expansion in different mediums allowing for a more efficient energy transfer to the medium. After expansion the main shaft (main body) discards the expansion pieces (petals) to create an exit hole if possible. The main shaft that remains will be the bearing area from the bullet and the expansion pieces will be the ogive of the bullet. The intension of discarding the expansion pieces are the keep the main body traveling in a straight path through the medium.

Titan Monolithic Target Rifle Bullets are solid nose or similar construction to the hunting bullet but not intended for hunting.


Titan Monolithic Rifle Bullets are machined from brass composition, sonic cleaned and moly coated. A monolithic bullet is machined from a solid metal and is not compressible in the barrel there for the compression rings on the bearing area of the bullet.


All loading data should be used with caution. Never use the heaviest recommended powder charge until lighter charges of the same powder have been tried and found safe in each individual combination of bullet, cartridge, primer, powder and firearm. If there is any hesitation stop and ask a person with experience in reloading for assistance. Do not reload with a divided attention.

Quickload data available
Titan Rifle Bullets is on Strelok under G1

Design descriptions:


Warning: Improperly handloaded ammunition can cause serious personal injury. Handloading should be done only by competent adults after proper instruction. Since handloading operations are beyond our control, we disclaim all liability for any injury and or damages which may result.

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