Titan ELR/ULR Target and long range hunting Bullets

These Titan Monolithic Rifle Bullets are intended for accurate shot placement and the maximum energy transfer after penetrating the intended target. High BC’s Titan Monolithic Target Titan ELR(Extreme Long Range)/ULR(Ultra long range) Target and long range hunting Bullets is for target shooting only marked ELR, ELRT, SNBT and is not for hunting. Some of our ELR bullets are marked EXBT and is for longe range hunting, ELR, ULR and longe range hunting.


All loading data should be used with caution. Never use the heaviest recommended powder charge until lighter charges of the same powder have been tried and found safe in each individual combination of bullet, cartridge, primer, powder and firearm. If there is any hesitation stop and ask a person with experience in reloading for assistance. Do not reload with a divided attention.

Quickload data available
Titan Rifle Bullets is on Strelok under G1

All Bullets BC’s G1 and G7 will be loaded per product soon.

These bullets are available on special request not moly coated.

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